lockport 1836

One critic declared that Hawley’s scheme “lies in the province of fancy, and may be treated as a vision.” Another described it as “the effusions of a maniac.” President Thomas Jefferson judged the idea, “little short of madness.” The future would render a different verdict.   (Heaven’s Ditch)


Get up mule, here comes a lock
We’ll make Rome ’bout six o’clock
One more trip and back we’ll go
Right back home to Buffalo



A friend of mine once got her sore
Now he’s got a broken jaw
‘Cause she let fly with an iron toe
And kicked him back to Buffalo

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“It was a young city, full of thrift and enterprise, and full of sin.”

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“In this bright, breezy, and immensely informative account, Jack Kelly interweaves the saga of one of the nation’s greatest engineering feats, the Erie Canal, with the stories of Joseph Smith and a half dozen other colorful figures who peopled upstate New York in its most creative period.”
–Richard Lyman Bushman, author of Joseph Smith, Rough Stone Rolling



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